Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Healing Shore

Away from the busy day once more.  In a necessary place, receiving that which only God can provide...

Along the endless shore,
beside the gentle roar,
through the sun and sand,
I walk and hold His hand.
For here do I retreat
from the constant beat
of life that's every day--
My God planned it this way.
There is so much to do.
And every day is new;
but there must be time to rest
if we'll be fully blessed!
So here, I slowly walk
and, with The Lord, I talk;
no topic is forbidden,
no motives can be hidden.
Just conversation sweet
with Christ Who makes complete
and creates this lovely strand
where the sea plays with the sand.

We need such time and place
to walk with God of grace,
to give and to receive
if we are to achieve.
Have YOU found such a place?
You need to with life's pace!
For God will meet you there
and ALL THINGS you may share.

The endless shoreline...the side of a river...a flowing meadow...the top of a hill...wherever it is that your heart leads you to, (where GOD leads you to,) go there and spend that precious quiet time with Him.  Each of us has need of it, but it takes effort on our part to make it happen.  For God is already waiting for you there!

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