Thursday, March 21, 2019

Secure Peace

Life.  Again.  This time, however, life is affecting in painful and heavy ways.  Does that change God at all, though?  Of course not.  It's just a way for me to draw closer to Him and cling more tightly.

Issues, "things" and situations,
once more, have amassed;
I do not have to run from them,
regardless of the blast!
A unexpected cost...
an issue with a friend...
so many "things" can pop up, causing
joy and peace to end.
But joy and peace can yet remain
because He's at my side!
In God's perfect security
we can press on and reside!
Whatever is in front of us
He knows of it in whole,
and that secures that perfect peace
so deep within the soul!

However 'busy' life can get

with all that life contains
the very heart of His secured
He comforts and restrains!
The peace of that security
will see us through each storm,
and even, into a blessing great,
that 'thing' He may transform!

Yes, life is often "heavy."  Jesus, however, is right there to bear that burden...if we let Him.  Are you able to allow Him that much access into your heart?


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