Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Rising Situations

Issues and situations.  Each of us have them every day, and our response to them has a great deal of impact upon our own personal lives...whether we want to admit it or not.
When You have the Lord in your heart, however, you never have to face these situations alone.

"Before we even rose today

You knew what we would face.
Is that why there's no limit, Lord,
to Your amazing grace?
You saw all that would happen, Lord,
You see all that yet will;
You even know how we react,
and yet You love us still!

We are "Christ-like," yet some days

are nowhere near as such!
We encounter others who
don't even know Your touch!
We even meet ones who resist
all semblances of You;
but guide and lead us even then,
and we will make it through!
And not just "make it," but to even
bring a victory
into that situation, Lord,
whatever it may be.
Not always is there cause to
celebrate in what is done,
but with Your heart inside our own
that Perfect Peace is won."

Things happen inside of our days that steal our joy.  That attempt to steal our joy.  Even in this writer's life.  I am not exempt!  It may take place for a moment, but Jesus is right there to comfort, calm and replenish That Joy if we let Him.

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