Saturday, March 16, 2019


At the local coffee shop.  Early morning.  Listening to the usual crowd argue, discuss and solve the world's problems.  But they are all leaving out The Most Important Factor!

So far beyond all argument,
And from the very same so many
blessings I receive!
He loves me, saves me, heals me and
He fills me all the day!
"I must be open-minded?"
No!  He is the ONLY Way!

Jesus Christ.  He paid it all.
He came...He lived...He died.
Oh, but in that tomb, behind that stone
my Lord does NOT reside!
He rose again and dwells inside
the hearts who so belong!
And we shall rule again with Him
beyond that Trumpet Song!

It is no use to argue.
My heart--The Truth it knows!
And scholars of the highest sort
can surmise and can suppose,
but all their thought shall come to naught
when Christ, He splits the skies
and all those who belong to Him,
to Heaven, we shall rise!

And all you must do is read what is written and accept Him as your Savior to be in that number!  Of course, the arguments and speculations shall continue, probably even after we are gone from this place and present with Him, but WE shall be rejoicing around our King and Savior Jesus Christ throughout eternity!  Do those around you even want to hear about that?

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