Sunday, March 31, 2019


Constantly.  God is beyond the measurement of time.  And His ways are beyond our comprehension.  That does not mean that we cannot have a relationship with Him, though!  For that is what He wants the most!

"I know You hold my future, Lord,
as I thank You for my past.
I know not what tomorrow holds
or the memories yet amassed,
but I KNOW that You are good, and You
have 'good' designed for me;
and I know that, each step on The Way,
proof of You will I see!

O thank You for the good that has
accompanied my years!
As I give thanks, I wipe away
the gentlest of tears
because I know I'm fortunate,
more fortunate than most;
for there are those in my own life
who cannot make such boast!

BUT GOD, there is yet good awaiting
even those most hurt.
Those who look back at this life
and think you did desert!
But You were there, and You ARE there
protecting, blessing yet;
a vision of the good You are,
oh cause us ALL to get!"

I know Who holds my future.  He is the same One Who directs my steps each day.  He is the same One that kept me alive when all those bad things were happening years ago.  I don't understand why they happened, but I DO understand that I am in the palm of His hand, the center of His will, and that is where I am going to be for the rest of eternity.
How about you?

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