Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Noticing Him move

The glory of His creation.  Did you notice it today?  I promise you it was there!  It still is if you go out and look around!

The bluebirds slowly calmly their nests,
meticulous and slow;
the patience that it takes to watch--
how many of us know?

The cardinals gather food throughout
the yard and in the trees,
singing with delight as they
arrive upon the breeze.

The puffy clouds float silently
and then they disappear;
even in the bluest sky
is cause for us to cheer!

And, slowly, at a rate that only
God Most High could know,
the river passes by in silence,
each day a different flow.

And the squirrels, in what seems to be
a frolic everyday,
are busy entertaining in
the sight of all who may!

Even in the night.  Just go outside and look into the sky.  His glory is everywhere...and it is endless!  Make time in your day to behold the wonder of His creation.  All you must do is open your eyes!

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