Wednesday, March 27, 2019

New Life Everywhere!

Another new day.  Another season change.  This one, however, represents LIFE!  Do YOU represent Life wherever you are?

So many blossoms yet unopened
early in the Spring...
so very bright, the morning sun,
such life and light to bring;
and vast--the opportunities
to get the 'daily' done;
I spend some time with Jesus before
I get on the run!
With His help, I am equipped
for what will come my way;
with His Word, I am equipped
when I encounter stray;
with His love, I am equipped
for to affect a heart!
All of which I know I'll see
somewhere as I depart.

But first, I will enjoy my Lord
and Spring He does create;
it is a method for the very
land to celebrate!
New life for the things alive
but everywhere around;
and new life may I share with any
that have not yet found!

YOU are equipped, as well.  It's not just another day to go to work, put in your time and then return.  Somewhere inside YOUR day there is someone waiting for the Hope that is dwelling in your heart!  Don't miss that opportunity!

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