Monday, March 4, 2019

King and Kingdom

Both of them are very real.  NEVER take Jesus for granted or just blow him off thinking there is a better way.  For He is THE WAY...

The King, He reigns already.
His kingdom is secure.
And he has great reward for them
that press on and endure!
There is labor in the kingdom and
each servant has a part;
embrace your portion of it, and
do it with all your heart!

The King--He is so loving,

so giving and so kind!
And so rewarding unto them,
them that be of like-mind!
So many are the options in
this life He gives to all;
will YOU be of His Kingdom and
so answer His great call?

The King--His Name is Jesus--

the epitome of love!
Serve Him with your heart for that
eternal life above!
For there is better, there is greater
waiting for the ones
that ask Him in their hearts, becoming
His daughters and His sons!

The Kingdom.  It is a real place and our thoughts, words and actions each day determine our future in His Kingdom.  HIS BLOOD ASSURES IT!  Be born-again by asking Him into your heart and living the way He leads!

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