Friday, March 8, 2019


"Busy...busy...busy...such is life.  And God forbid if something or someone gets in our way!"  That's no way to live!  That is merely "surviving."  Living involves being involved and affecting life...

"Kinder to a world that needs

said kindness most of all;"
so let our very hearts and wills,
endeavor such a call!
It is Your kindness, Jesus, that will
draw men unto You,
and such is not ingrained in us--
that is so very true!
So as You work IN us and THROUGH us
let that kindness show
that the stranger on the way
may very surely know
that he has value, he has worth,
in spite of 'situation;'
and that he has a rightful place,
oh Lord, at YOUR location!

Kinder to a world that may
care less for it at all--
for such as this, it is part of
Your every servant's call.

See to it that THIS servant shows
that kindness where he may,
that I may have affect upon
somebody else's day."

Kindness.  It is missing in a lot of places.  Just turn on the news...listen to car horns...observe life in your "everyday."  Can YOU affect that?  Absolutely...if you are yielded to God and His calling!

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