Friday, March 29, 2019

Jesus is ALL!

Give me Jesus.  He has and is all that I need.  And all that you need!  He has the needs of our lives in the palm of His hand and He is ready to supply.  He even cares about our desires.

Jesus--all I ever want,

and all I ever need!
When I voice concern in life,
He is first to take heed!
He is beside me everywhere,
and even deep within;
to spell out all He is to me--
oh, where do I begin!

I rise up in the morning and

the day's already planned...
He knows the steps that I must take,
He knows where I will stand;
He even had divine appointments
somewhere I each day
for me to share Him with someone
and help them on The Way!

Yes, give me Jesus!  He has all
and everything for life!
Whether there be celebration,
whether their be strife,
He is right there with me and He
will never go away!
My Savior Jesus--Yes, He is
the Truth, the life, the Way!

The wonders and benefits of having Jesus in this life.  To some, it is old news.  Others may not even care, but I know that He caused me to assemble these words for the benefit of someone!  Is it YOU?


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