Sunday, March 17, 2019


A few minutes somewhere in the day...if we have time...
A few seconds for Him before a meal...if no one is watching...
maybe reading a verse or two in His Word...if it catches our eye...
Is that how it's supposed to be?  Absolutely not!  That is definitely no way to obtain or sustain a RELATIONSHIP...which is exactly what we are supposed to have with God!

"I have to be intentional
about our love each day,
lest our affection be 'lukewarm,'
and it falls by the way.
The very Word You gave to us
so warns us of the same;
if I want all You are, oh Lord,
I have to stake my claim!
For I know You are always here
for what I want and need,
but am I always here for You?
(Not that YOU have need!)
But You will not force Yourself upon
the one ignoring You;
the flames will turn to embers and, then,
merely 'residue.'

No, I have to be intentional
to flourish and to grow!
More of wisdom...more of power...
more of love to know!
And You will not hold back as I
am seeking after You!
More of You, my Risen Lord,
but ALL the whole day through!"

The fire of God within is NOT a given.  It must be tended to!  Not a "fleeting thought" somewhere in your day, but actively involved in all that you do.  Can you allow God that much of your life?

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