Saturday, March 30, 2019


The joy of the Lord.
I get in a lot of trouble sometimes because I remain happy and joyful when "things ain't!"  That irritates folks at times.  But when you SUBMIT to God and allow Him to do His perfect work in you, you can have joy...even when things around you are not so joyful.

For now, we must be in this world,
but we don't have to be "of!"
He tells us how to live this life,
and we do so in His love;
But that trial so few know about
doesn't have to weigh me down;
I can "choose" to live His joy
when this life may choose to frown!

This life--it is not perfect, and

it causes awful things,
I can empathize with others
while my inside sings!
The Song He is be unaffected
by this daily life--
we all go through the injuries,
the trials and the strife.
BUT GOD, He is The Song Alive
throughout each situation,
and NOTHING of this earthly life
will shake that firm foundation!

I listen and I care about you

and what you go through;
I'll pray with you, I'll give to you,
I'll do what I can do;
BUT GOD can do far more than I,
thus I have joy within!
Let me talk with you so you
can let His Joy begin!

Yes, I have the joy of the Lord.  Does that mean that life is ALWAYS joyful?  Absolutely not!  There are some terrible things going on!  But I have a Joy within that nothing is able to shake, and that Joy is also available to even you.  Yes, YOU...if you want it!

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