Monday, March 25, 2019


Yes, that's what we are as God uses us in His work.  Needed?  No!  He could use the very rocks to accomplish what He wants done!  But He ALLOWS us to be part of it due His loving grace!

We are created in His Image

to do that which He wills.
All that God wants said and done
into us He instills.
But will we heed His calling?  Will we
do what He bids so?
One must look inward and reflect,
that answer true to know!

Created in His Image.

For EACH He has a use!
There is no 'thing' you may contrive
to count as an excuse!
He uses everybody, yes,
in an exclusive way;
He has a use for even you
but every single day!

Submit yourself unto Him.

Seek out that which He needs.
The one that He finds pliable
is the one that e'er succeeds!
Avail yourself unto His use
but all throughout the day--
you'll be amazed at opportunities
that come your way!

God has a use for you.  Does he have need for such as we?  Of course not!  But He allows us the privilege to be involved in the works that He does!  What a blessing that becomes!


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