Sunday, March 10, 2019

Don't stop reaching!

What is a Christian person doing in a place like THIS?!  Doing exactly what we are called to do!  Reaching, touching, listening, embracing.  Why?  "It is not the well that need it most, it is the sick and needy..."  (Matthew 9:12)
With room to roam, I wander,

following a lead;
With no idea what is wrong
a leading do I heed.
The sickness is so various;
the cause--it is the same;
He leads the willing to each room
to glorify His Name!

There is a pain, there is a sickness:
addictions there to cope.
The Answer is the very same, though,
and He has that hope!
Jesus--He took care of it
that day upon the Cross;
whatever be the outcome, if they are His,
there is no loss!

But room to room to wander,
whatever be the need;
it is the reason Jesus came
to suffer and to bleed;
BUT GOD, He raised Him up to life
so life could we obtain.
Jesus--He IS Life--and in Him
there is so much to gain!

You may feel hopeless if you have a ministry of ministering to those who have such sicknesses and addictions.  However, 80% of US never find out what affect we have on them as we try to help them...IF the percentage is even THAT low!  Jesus, however, sees all that you do and say for them and He has your reward in store.  DON'T STOP REACHING!


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