Friday, March 22, 2019

Comforting Truths

Oh, the comforts of The Holy Word!  So alive!  Tonight's assurances come from Isaiah chapter 66...

My God, for He delights when we

are following His lead!
Unto the ones that do His word,
their voices He will heed!
For He has spoken--His Word declares
that those who bless His name,
they shall be rewarded and
He'll take away their shame!

For God, He is so slow to anger;
rich in mercy He!
Pursuant to His desires, therefore,
o let us always be!
For He gives ample time for every
person to decide!
Seek Him, therefore, read His Word,
trust Him and abide!

For great is your reward if you
would only seek His Son!
Each day's a battle, this is true,
Defy the temptings of this life
and stand ye firm in Him--
He will cause His Light, in your heart,
not to ever dim!

Not in this life.  Not in the next.  But FOREVER will that Light will your favor be in His eyes as you follow Holy Spirit leading every step of the way!  Yield to Him, won't you?

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