Friday, March 1, 2019


So glorious, so beautiful and wonderful the seasons are that God creates.  Some of them, however, can be painful and hazardous.  So has it been this winter!

So beautiful to look at...
much different, though, to feel!
Each season God Most High creates
does have its own appeal.
The snow and ice create a sight
so memorable and fair;
the very same, though, leaves some folks
with very much despair!

So as we marvel at the beauty
of what winter makes
let each of us say prayers for those
from whom the weather takes!
Upon the just and the unjust-
the weather cares not much,
but we can reach out unto all
with a healing, caring touch.

Yes, marvel at the wonder, but

respect the very same;
and call on Jesus for ALL of us--
there is so much in That Name!

That which I play in and enjoy may be the very same thing that causes pain and damage to someone else.  May we all be wary and empathetic for each other.


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