Sunday, March 24, 2019


Another year.
One more year biding time until Jesus comes again?
No!  One more year watching Him move, listening to His voice, following the leading of His hand, and LIVING!

One more year of life to be--
Knowing God is in control
regardless how much longer!
Too many voices be that dread
as birthdays come and go;
but grateful be the ones that age
with Christ inside to know!
Of course, we look toward that day
the skies will split apart,
and That Trump announcing that
eternity will start!
But keep on LIVING until then,
that life, abundant so,
that those belonging unto Him
have surely come to know!
And share that life with everyone
that they may know Him too!
What greater gift than to receive
a heart and life anew?
It is availed in Jesus Christ--
Jesus Christ alone.
His love--it is far and above
each "time" unit that be known!

It's your birthday.  They are adding up?  What about "life?"  God is already certain of the years that will be in your life.  It is entirely up to you to determine how much "life" will be in your years!

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