Thursday, March 14, 2019

Another Storm

The storm rages once again.  The winds blow and howl.  The trees are dancing in the wind and rain.  What will be the outcome?  I am sure there will be destruction, but I am also certain of one other undeniable truth...

The storm will rage and blow,
destruction some will know;
a season it will last,
but when the it's in the past
new life comes in its wake;
we hurt NOW for its sake,
but soon, He will renew,
and much better will be our view!

Somehow, He has a way
to take disaster's play
and use it for His good
as only God, He could!
It's been shown to such as we,
so this concept we can see
and others can see it, too,
when they have Christ in view.

The storms, they come and go,
and wicked be their blow.
We minister to the hurt,
and our efforts we exert;
BUT GOD, He does restore
and,. in that, even more!
take stock, ye. in its wake;
in stride, the same, to take.

That may be easy for me to say, as there are countless multitudes looking at the damage today.  But know this, God WILL restore what the enemy or the elements take away or destroy, and He will make it better than before.  I DO know this from experience!

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