Monday, March 11, 2019

Another Opportunity

Once again, inside of a very busy day, opportunity.  What will I decide to do with that opportunity?

That man that is just over there,

I see the pain he's in.
If I ignore him and go on,
it be a wretched sin!
I must approach him where he is,
at his level, too;
if he rejects the Spirit's lead
there's not much I can do.
However, if he reaches back
as I reach out to him,
the light of God can penetrate,
and life will not be dim!
I am equipped, I hear the call,
I feel the draw toward...
I do not know the need, but that's
between him and the Lord.
For I must only demonstrate
the love that's given me--
for it will be up to that man,
God's gracious love, to see.
And if he does, together we
can rise up and rejoice!
But going over to that man--
God's given ME that choice.

And if I do not respond to the leading of His Holy Spirit, He may just decide to stop giving me the opportunities to watch Him work in others' lives.
God WILL NOT force Himself upon anyone.  He is a Gentleman.  He WILL give us opportunities to share in His victories.
Are YOU available?

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