Tuesday, March 26, 2019


The world is full of activities.  Some of those activities going on are cruel, dangerous and strike fear in the hearts of many.  But there is One Who can lift that fear off of you so that you can function, and accomplish what He has called you to do...

Regardless of 'activities,'
I do not have to fear.
The One Who made all that there is
is right beside me here;
even deep inside of me
has He a residence;
from there, He helps me cope with life
and all its consequence.

Regardless of the nightly news
or what I see each day,
Jesus Christ abides within--
He is my hope and stay!
He is aware of what goes on
(and of all that will be;)
such causes an exclusive peace
to settle over me!

The world--it may be dangerous,
unstable in its ways,
but God Himself alive inside
IS Peace throughout the days!
Trust Him, live Him, love Him daily
in all of your ways;
He will see to it you have ample
reason to give praise!

Thank God for His Peace!  That Peace has a Name--JESUS CHRIST!  And with Jesus living inside your heart you can trust and have assurance that you will arrive safely...no matter what 'activity' may be going on in your world!

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