Sunday, March 31, 2019


Constantly.  God is beyond the measurement of time.  And His ways are beyond our comprehension.  That does not mean that we cannot have a relationship with Him, though!  For that is what He wants the most!

"I know You hold my future, Lord,
as I thank You for my past.
I know not what tomorrow holds
or the memories yet amassed,
but I KNOW that You are good, and You
have 'good' designed for me;
and I know that, each step on The Way,
proof of You will I see!

O thank You for the good that has
accompanied my years!
As I give thanks, I wipe away
the gentlest of tears
because I know I'm fortunate,
more fortunate than most;
for there are those in my own life
who cannot make such boast!

BUT GOD, there is yet good awaiting
even those most hurt.
Those who look back at this life
and think you did desert!
But You were there, and You ARE there
protecting, blessing yet;
a vision of the good You are,
oh cause us ALL to get!"

I know Who holds my future.  He is the same One Who directs my steps each day.  He is the same One that kept me alive when all those bad things were happening years ago.  I don't understand why they happened, but I DO understand that I am in the palm of His hand, the center of His will, and that is where I am going to be for the rest of eternity.
How about you?

Saturday, March 30, 2019


The joy of the Lord.
I get in a lot of trouble sometimes because I remain happy and joyful when "things ain't!"  That irritates folks at times.  But when you SUBMIT to God and allow Him to do His perfect work in you, you can have joy...even when things around you are not so joyful.

For now, we must be in this world,
but we don't have to be "of!"
He tells us how to live this life,
and we do so in His love;
But that trial so few know about
doesn't have to weigh me down;
I can "choose" to live His joy
when this life may choose to frown!

This life--it is not perfect, and

it causes awful things,
I can empathize with others
while my inside sings!
The Song He is be unaffected
by this daily life--
we all go through the injuries,
the trials and the strife.
BUT GOD, He is The Song Alive
throughout each situation,
and NOTHING of this earthly life
will shake that firm foundation!

I listen and I care about you

and what you go through;
I'll pray with you, I'll give to you,
I'll do what I can do;
BUT GOD can do far more than I,
thus I have joy within!
Let me talk with you so you
can let His Joy begin!

Yes, I have the joy of the Lord.  Does that mean that life is ALWAYS joyful?  Absolutely not!  There are some terrible things going on!  But I have a Joy within that nothing is able to shake, and that Joy is also available to even you.  Yes, YOU...if you want it!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Jesus is ALL!

Give me Jesus.  He has and is all that I need.  And all that you need!  He has the needs of our lives in the palm of His hand and He is ready to supply.  He even cares about our desires.

Jesus--all I ever want,

and all I ever need!
When I voice concern in life,
He is first to take heed!
He is beside me everywhere,
and even deep within;
to spell out all He is to me--
oh, where do I begin!

I rise up in the morning and

the day's already planned...
He knows the steps that I must take,
He knows where I will stand;
He even had divine appointments
somewhere I each day
for me to share Him with someone
and help them on The Way!

Yes, give me Jesus!  He has all
and everything for life!
Whether there be celebration,
whether their be strife,
He is right there with me and He
will never go away!
My Savior Jesus--Yes, He is
the Truth, the life, the Way!

The wonders and benefits of having Jesus in this life.  To some, it is old news.  Others may not even care, but I know that He caused me to assemble these words for the benefit of someone!  Is it YOU?


Thursday, March 28, 2019

This Earthly Life

It gets crazy sometimes.  Even painful!  But it is also hallowed and beautiful.  Do YOU know how to find that balance?

Life once more to have it's way-

escape is one to seek?
What if we celebrate that life?
Would that not be unique?
Each of us have trials that
we go through on the way,
however, there is MORE than 'trials'
contained inside the day!

There is something to be celebrated,
savored or enjoyed,
and focusing perspective on that
needs to be employed!
I know the pain, I know the stress,
the disappointments, too,
but we must be careful not
to let such fill our view!

Life--it is variety--
and God, He sees to that!
We must allow Him our whole heart
wherever we are at!
He will take care of all the details
if we will allow,
and LIVE what He has purposed for us
in the here and now.

The day may not be going the way you want it, but God is still in control...IF you relinquish said control to Him.  He is more than able to handle your day if you live the way He told us: one moment at a time.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

New Life Everywhere!

Another new day.  Another season change.  This one, however, represents LIFE!  Do YOU represent Life wherever you are?

So many blossoms yet unopened
early in the Spring...
so very bright, the morning sun,
such life and light to bring;
and vast--the opportunities
to get the 'daily' done;
I spend some time with Jesus before
I get on the run!
With His help, I am equipped
for what will come my way;
with His Word, I am equipped
when I encounter stray;
with His love, I am equipped
for to affect a heart!
All of which I know I'll see
somewhere as I depart.

But first, I will enjoy my Lord
and Spring He does create;
it is a method for the very
land to celebrate!
New life for the things alive
but everywhere around;
and new life may I share with any
that have not yet found!

YOU are equipped, as well.  It's not just another day to go to work, put in your time and then return.  Somewhere inside YOUR day there is someone waiting for the Hope that is dwelling in your heart!  Don't miss that opportunity!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


The world is full of activities.  Some of those activities going on are cruel, dangerous and strike fear in the hearts of many.  But there is One Who can lift that fear off of you so that you can function, and accomplish what He has called you to do...

Regardless of 'activities,'
I do not have to fear.
The One Who made all that there is
is right beside me here;
even deep inside of me
has He a residence;
from there, He helps me cope with life
and all its consequence.

Regardless of the nightly news
or what I see each day,
Jesus Christ abides within--
He is my hope and stay!
He is aware of what goes on
(and of all that will be;)
such causes an exclusive peace
to settle over me!

The world--it may be dangerous,
unstable in its ways,
but God Himself alive inside
IS Peace throughout the days!
Trust Him, live Him, love Him daily
in all of your ways;
He will see to it you have ample
reason to give praise!

Thank God for His Peace!  That Peace has a Name--JESUS CHRIST!  And with Jesus living inside your heart you can trust and have assurance that you will arrive matter what 'activity' may be going on in your world!

Monday, March 25, 2019


Yes, that's what we are as God uses us in His work.  Needed?  No!  He could use the very rocks to accomplish what He wants done!  But He ALLOWS us to be part of it due His loving grace!

We are created in His Image

to do that which He wills.
All that God wants said and done
into us He instills.
But will we heed His calling?  Will we
do what He bids so?
One must look inward and reflect,
that answer true to know!

Created in His Image.

For EACH He has a use!
There is no 'thing' you may contrive
to count as an excuse!
He uses everybody, yes,
in an exclusive way;
He has a use for even you
but every single day!

Submit yourself unto Him.

Seek out that which He needs.
The one that He finds pliable
is the one that e'er succeeds!
Avail yourself unto His use
but all throughout the day--
you'll be amazed at opportunities
that come your way!

God has a use for you.  Does he have need for such as we?  Of course not!  But He allows us the privilege to be involved in the works that He does!  What a blessing that becomes!


Sunday, March 24, 2019


Another year.
One more year biding time until Jesus comes again?
No!  One more year watching Him move, listening to His voice, following the leading of His hand, and LIVING!

One more year of life to be--
Knowing God is in control
regardless how much longer!
Too many voices be that dread
as birthdays come and go;
but grateful be the ones that age
with Christ inside to know!
Of course, we look toward that day
the skies will split apart,
and That Trump announcing that
eternity will start!
But keep on LIVING until then,
that life, abundant so,
that those belonging unto Him
have surely come to know!
And share that life with everyone
that they may know Him too!
What greater gift than to receive
a heart and life anew?
It is availed in Jesus Christ--
Jesus Christ alone.
His love--it is far and above
each "time" unit that be known!

It's your birthday.  They are adding up?  What about "life?"  God is already certain of the years that will be in your life.  It is entirely up to you to determine how much "life" will be in your years!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Comforting Truths

Oh, the comforts of The Holy Word!  So alive!  Tonight's assurances come from Isaiah chapter 66...

My God, for He delights when we

are following His lead!
Unto the ones that do His word,
their voices He will heed!
For He has spoken--His Word declares
that those who bless His name,
they shall be rewarded and
He'll take away their shame!

For God, He is so slow to anger;
rich in mercy He!
Pursuant to His desires, therefore,
o let us always be!
For He gives ample time for every
person to decide!
Seek Him, therefore, read His Word,
trust Him and abide!

For great is your reward if you
would only seek His Son!
Each day's a battle, this is true,
Defy the temptings of this life
and stand ye firm in Him--
He will cause His Light, in your heart,
not to ever dim!

Not in this life.  Not in the next.  But FOREVER will that Light will your favor be in His eyes as you follow Holy Spirit leading every step of the way!  Yield to Him, won't you?

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Secure Peace

Life.  Again.  This time, however, life is affecting in painful and heavy ways.  Does that change God at all, though?  Of course not.  It's just a way for me to draw closer to Him and cling more tightly.

Issues, "things" and situations,
once more, have amassed;
I do not have to run from them,
regardless of the blast!
A unexpected cost...
an issue with a friend...
so many "things" can pop up, causing
joy and peace to end.
But joy and peace can yet remain
because He's at my side!
In God's perfect security
we can press on and reside!
Whatever is in front of us
He knows of it in whole,
and that secures that perfect peace
so deep within the soul!

However 'busy' life can get

with all that life contains
the very heart of His secured
He comforts and restrains!
The peace of that security
will see us through each storm,
and even, into a blessing great,
that 'thing' He may transform!

Yes, life is often "heavy."  Jesus, however, is right there to bear that burden...if we let Him.  Are you able to allow Him that much access into your heart?


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Noticing Him move

The glory of His creation.  Did you notice it today?  I promise you it was there!  It still is if you go out and look around!

The bluebirds slowly calmly their nests,
meticulous and slow;
the patience that it takes to watch--
how many of us know?

The cardinals gather food throughout
the yard and in the trees,
singing with delight as they
arrive upon the breeze.

The puffy clouds float silently
and then they disappear;
even in the bluest sky
is cause for us to cheer!

And, slowly, at a rate that only
God Most High could know,
the river passes by in silence,
each day a different flow.

And the squirrels, in what seems to be
a frolic everyday,
are busy entertaining in
the sight of all who may!

Even in the night.  Just go outside and look into the sky.  His glory is everywhere...and it is endless!  Make time in your day to behold the wonder of His creation.  All you must do is open your eyes!

Monday, March 18, 2019

So involved!

God is so good.  He is so involved in life, and He wants to be just as involved in YOUR life.  Yes, I know you are a Christian, you go to church, read your Bible and pray, but how often do you intentionally invite God to participate in the things that you are doing?

You make me see things that I may have
missed if not for You.
With Your perspective and Your Presence
it's a much different view!
I am so blessed because of You
in doing the 'everyday;'
You even show me who to touch
and give me the words to say!

O Lord, too many see You as
a 'ritual' of such.
They know not your personality
or Your very personal touch.
They know not because they seek You not
but maybe twice a week,
or only spend a moment or two
each day, with You, to speak.

BUT GOD, You are so living, real,
and involved in all we do;
and You only desire we do the same
when it comes to You!
For if we truly are Your heart,
Your feet and even Your hands,
You are so glad to join with us
as we follow Your commands.

You will be amazed at how much better your day goes and the way things turn out when you INTENTIONALLY invite Him to join you!  You might as well.  He is already there anyway.

Sunday, March 17, 2019


A few minutes somewhere in the day...if we have time...
A few seconds for Him before a meal...if no one is watching...
maybe reading a verse or two in His Word...if it catches our eye...
Is that how it's supposed to be?  Absolutely not!  That is definitely no way to obtain or sustain a RELATIONSHIP...which is exactly what we are supposed to have with God!

"I have to be intentional
about our love each day,
lest our affection be 'lukewarm,'
and it falls by the way.
The very Word You gave to us
so warns us of the same;
if I want all You are, oh Lord,
I have to stake my claim!
For I know You are always here
for what I want and need,
but am I always here for You?
(Not that YOU have need!)
But You will not force Yourself upon
the one ignoring You;
the flames will turn to embers and, then,
merely 'residue.'

No, I have to be intentional
to flourish and to grow!
More of wisdom...more of power...
more of love to know!
And You will not hold back as I
am seeking after You!
More of You, my Risen Lord,
but ALL the whole day through!"

The fire of God within is NOT a given.  It must be tended to!  Not a "fleeting thought" somewhere in your day, but actively involved in all that you do.  Can you allow God that much of your life?

Saturday, March 16, 2019


At the local coffee shop.  Early morning.  Listening to the usual crowd argue, discuss and solve the world's problems.  But they are all leaving out The Most Important Factor!

So far beyond all argument,
And from the very same so many
blessings I receive!
He loves me, saves me, heals me and
He fills me all the day!
"I must be open-minded?"
No!  He is the ONLY Way!

Jesus Christ.  He paid it all.
He came...He lived...He died.
Oh, but in that tomb, behind that stone
my Lord does NOT reside!
He rose again and dwells inside
the hearts who so belong!
And we shall rule again with Him
beyond that Trumpet Song!

It is no use to argue.
My heart--The Truth it knows!
And scholars of the highest sort
can surmise and can suppose,
but all their thought shall come to naught
when Christ, He splits the skies
and all those who belong to Him,
to Heaven, we shall rise!

And all you must do is read what is written and accept Him as your Savior to be in that number!  Of course, the arguments and speculations shall continue, probably even after we are gone from this place and present with Him, but WE shall be rejoicing around our King and Savior Jesus Christ throughout eternity!  Do those around you even want to hear about that?

Friday, March 15, 2019

Too focused?

Here we go again.  Out into a world that requires us to do as much as we can as fast as we can.  Do we have time for anything else?  Will we make time for anything else?

My brother has a hand outstretched--
who can satisfy?
Should I call the pastor over
and turn a blind eye?
Should I recommend the proper
agency for him?
Or do I wait for someone else
to help him...chance is slim!

NO!  My brother has his hand out because
Christ has put him there,
and He knows that I possess what's needed,
He expects for me to share!
The reaching hand not always seeks
a "thing" to satisfy,
for it may only need a touch,
or a word to edify!

The hand outstretched--will you avoid
such opportunity?
It may cost, it may even hurt,
but such benefits WILL be!
Look for that hand throughout the day,
it isn't far away--
a very blessed man you will be
in many a countless way!

Did you see that hand when you were out today?  Would you even recognize it if you did.  Sure, it may require your time or even some of your money, but grabbing hold of that hand has benefits that money cannot buy!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Another Storm

The storm rages once again.  The winds blow and howl.  The trees are dancing in the wind and rain.  What will be the outcome?  I am sure there will be destruction, but I am also certain of one other undeniable truth...

The storm will rage and blow,
destruction some will know;
a season it will last,
but when the it's in the past
new life comes in its wake;
we hurt NOW for its sake,
but soon, He will renew,
and much better will be our view!

Somehow, He has a way
to take disaster's play
and use it for His good
as only God, He could!
It's been shown to such as we,
so this concept we can see
and others can see it, too,
when they have Christ in view.

The storms, they come and go,
and wicked be their blow.
We minister to the hurt,
and our efforts we exert;
BUT GOD, He does restore
and,. in that, even more!
take stock, ye. in its wake;
in stride, the same, to take.

That may be easy for me to say, as there are countless multitudes looking at the damage today.  But know this, God WILL restore what the enemy or the elements take away or destroy, and He will make it better than before.  I DO know this from experience!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Known Unknown

A brand new day of life.  What will come of it?  What will God have us involved in that we know not of already?  Are YOU available for such?

So very many issues--
so important all;
some of them have to do
with this man's very call;
but one of them to supersede, yes,
one of them more great:
it is that time alone with God
so that I can relate!

They come to me throughout the day
with concerns so vast;
but if I am not square with God,
they will continue past;
only if I am with Him
in solitude each day
will I have the ability
to minister on the way.

And each one has a ministry,
each that belong to Him.
His empathy and wisdom be
instilled in each of them
in that time alone with Him,
(and in that moment due.)
Belong to God, available;
He will employ you, too!

Of course, we know what our job is and our duties are for each day, but people, places and things happen in the midst of all of that.  How will you respond in those times?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Healing Shore

Away from the busy day once more.  In a necessary place, receiving that which only God can provide...

Along the endless shore,
beside the gentle roar,
through the sun and sand,
I walk and hold His hand.
For here do I retreat
from the constant beat
of life that's every day--
My God planned it this way.
There is so much to do.
And every day is new;
but there must be time to rest
if we'll be fully blessed!
So here, I slowly walk
and, with The Lord, I talk;
no topic is forbidden,
no motives can be hidden.
Just conversation sweet
with Christ Who makes complete
and creates this lovely strand
where the sea plays with the sand.

We need such time and place
to walk with God of grace,
to give and to receive
if we are to achieve.
Have YOU found such a place?
You need to with life's pace!
For God will meet you there
and ALL THINGS you may share.

The endless shoreline...the side of a river...a flowing meadow...the top of a hill...wherever it is that your heart leads you to, (where GOD leads you to,) go there and spend that precious quiet time with Him.  Each of us has need of it, but it takes effort on our part to make it happen.  For God is already waiting for you there!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Another Opportunity

Once again, inside of a very busy day, opportunity.  What will I decide to do with that opportunity?

That man that is just over there,

I see the pain he's in.
If I ignore him and go on,
it be a wretched sin!
I must approach him where he is,
at his level, too;
if he rejects the Spirit's lead
there's not much I can do.
However, if he reaches back
as I reach out to him,
the light of God can penetrate,
and life will not be dim!
I am equipped, I hear the call,
I feel the draw toward...
I do not know the need, but that's
between him and the Lord.
For I must only demonstrate
the love that's given me--
for it will be up to that man,
God's gracious love, to see.
And if he does, together we
can rise up and rejoice!
But going over to that man--
God's given ME that choice.

And if I do not respond to the leading of His Holy Spirit, He may just decide to stop giving me the opportunities to watch Him work in others' lives.
God WILL NOT force Himself upon anyone.  He is a Gentleman.  He WILL give us opportunities to share in His victories.
Are YOU available?

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Don't stop reaching!

What is a Christian person doing in a place like THIS?!  Doing exactly what we are called to do!  Reaching, touching, listening, embracing.  Why?  "It is not the well that need it most, it is the sick and needy..."  (Matthew 9:12)
With room to roam, I wander,

following a lead;
With no idea what is wrong
a leading do I heed.
The sickness is so various;
the cause--it is the same;
He leads the willing to each room
to glorify His Name!

There is a pain, there is a sickness:
addictions there to cope.
The Answer is the very same, though,
and He has that hope!
Jesus--He took care of it
that day upon the Cross;
whatever be the outcome, if they are His,
there is no loss!

But room to room to wander,
whatever be the need;
it is the reason Jesus came
to suffer and to bleed;
BUT GOD, He raised Him up to life
so life could we obtain.
Jesus--He IS Life--and in Him
there is so much to gain!

You may feel hopeless if you have a ministry of ministering to those who have such sicknesses and addictions.  However, 80% of US never find out what affect we have on them as we try to help them...IF the percentage is even THAT low!  Jesus, however, sees all that you do and say for them and He has your reward in store.  DON'T STOP REACHING!


Saturday, March 9, 2019

Victorious Wonder!

Regardless of what may or may not happen to us in the day, it is such a wonder to belong to THE very God Who created the universe...and keeps it going!

What hope we have, what great assurance
in Lord Jesus Christ!
God knew that we would need Him and
what would be sacrificed.
He came, He lived, He suffered and
He died for EVERYONE;
Oh, but then He rose again
and, glory, it was done!

And He lives inside our every moment
as we so allow.
His power and His victory
to constantly endow!
Victory to press on in
a very busy place
exhibiting His love and care,
and His amazing grace!

What hope--it is availed in
not any other place!
Whatever obstacle or person
we may have to face
Jesus--He is right inside us
guiding us along;
so very, very fortunate
are we to so belong!

Never take for granted the value of your salvation!  God did not intend for us to merely live, He meant for us to prosper, excel and succeed!  Rejoice in the fact that He created YOU for an intended purpose and has your every step ordered!

Friday, March 8, 2019


"Busy...busy...busy...such is life.  And God forbid if something or someone gets in our way!"  That's no way to live!  That is merely "surviving."  Living involves being involved and affecting life...

"Kinder to a world that needs

said kindness most of all;"
so let our very hearts and wills,
endeavor such a call!
It is Your kindness, Jesus, that will
draw men unto You,
and such is not ingrained in us--
that is so very true!
So as You work IN us and THROUGH us
let that kindness show
that the stranger on the way
may very surely know
that he has value, he has worth,
in spite of 'situation;'
and that he has a rightful place,
oh Lord, at YOUR location!

Kinder to a world that may
care less for it at all--
for such as this, it is part of
Your every servant's call.

See to it that THIS servant shows
that kindness where he may,
that I may have affect upon
somebody else's day."

Kindness.  It is missing in a lot of places.  Just turn on the news...listen to car horns...observe life in your "everyday."  Can YOU affect that?  Absolutely...if you are yielded to God and His calling!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

They need you!

Too many people have we in our lives that have little or no hope whatsoever.  They go through the motions each and every day, just "putting in their time."  YOU may even be one of them.  But there is much more to life than that!

There is someone in my day
that needs the Christ in me.
They are lacking hope, they are confused,
they cannot even see;
BUT GOD has placed inside this man
exactly what they need--
will I yield myself to Him,
His tender voice to heed?

There is someone in YOUR day
who needs the very same.
You have a are busy...
no time for them to claim!
You gave your heart to Jesus because
someone shared with you.
Aren't you available to do
the same for others, too?
In fact, there is someone right now
somewhere inside our lives
with no idea what love is,
or when true hope arrives.
YOU could be that 'someone' that
reveals such Truth to them;
but you must be available
for the move of Him!

Avail yourself to God and the moving of His Holy Spirit.  You will be amazed at what He can do through you...and what it will do FOR you!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Rising Situations

Issues and situations.  Each of us have them every day, and our response to them has a great deal of impact upon our own personal lives...whether we want to admit it or not.
When You have the Lord in your heart, however, you never have to face these situations alone.

"Before we even rose today

You knew what we would face.
Is that why there's no limit, Lord,
to Your amazing grace?
You saw all that would happen, Lord,
You see all that yet will;
You even know how we react,
and yet You love us still!

We are "Christ-like," yet some days

are nowhere near as such!
We encounter others who
don't even know Your touch!
We even meet ones who resist
all semblances of You;
but guide and lead us even then,
and we will make it through!
And not just "make it," but to even
bring a victory
into that situation, Lord,
whatever it may be.
Not always is there cause to
celebrate in what is done,
but with Your heart inside our own
that Perfect Peace is won."

Things happen inside of our days that steal our joy.  That attempt to steal our joy.  Even in this writer's life.  I am not exempt!  It may take place for a moment, but Jesus is right there to comfort, calm and replenish That Joy if we let Him.

Monday, March 4, 2019

King and Kingdom

Both of them are very real.  NEVER take Jesus for granted or just blow him off thinking there is a better way.  For He is THE WAY...

The King, He reigns already.
His kingdom is secure.
And he has great reward for them
that press on and endure!
There is labor in the kingdom and
each servant has a part;
embrace your portion of it, and
do it with all your heart!

The King--He is so loving,

so giving and so kind!
And so rewarding unto them,
them that be of like-mind!
So many are the options in
this life He gives to all;
will YOU be of His Kingdom and
so answer His great call?

The King--His Name is Jesus--

the epitome of love!
Serve Him with your heart for that
eternal life above!
For there is better, there is greater
waiting for the ones
that ask Him in their hearts, becoming
His daughters and His sons!

The Kingdom.  It is a real place and our thoughts, words and actions each day determine our future in His Kingdom.  HIS BLOOD ASSURES IT!  Be born-again by asking Him into your heart and living the way He leads!

Friday, March 1, 2019


So glorious, so beautiful and wonderful the seasons are that God creates.  Some of them, however, can be painful and hazardous.  So has it been this winter!

So beautiful to look at...
much different, though, to feel!
Each season God Most High creates
does have its own appeal.
The snow and ice create a sight
so memorable and fair;
the very same, though, leaves some folks
with very much despair!

So as we marvel at the beauty
of what winter makes
let each of us say prayers for those
from whom the weather takes!
Upon the just and the unjust-
the weather cares not much,
but we can reach out unto all
with a healing, caring touch.

Yes, marvel at the wonder, but

respect the very same;
and call on Jesus for ALL of us--
there is so much in That Name!

That which I play in and enjoy may be the very same thing that causes pain and damage to someone else.  May we all be wary and empathetic for each other.