Tuesday, February 19, 2019

You are more!

You are saved by the Grace of God through Jesus.
You are healed by the power of the shed blood of Jesus alone.
There is a standard of life that we must live, and this world does not understand it.  Are you going to rise to that standard, or merely try to "fit in?"

We are more than what this world can expect;
we may garner fleeting honor and respect,
but that to which we daily must attain--
nowhere in this life, the same, to gain!
For that to which His chosen are so called,
to this world is hated and appalled!
"Integrity" seems so foreign unto some.
To such a call, not many want to come!
BUT GOD, He purposed such for you and I,
yes, even in the moments that are nigh!
For He readily equips us for such call,
and He so avails it unto one and all!

So weary not in doing what is right.
In such, the Lord, He takes such great delight
KNOWING all the challenges we face;
we are so dependent on His perfect grace!

Be yourself...as long as God is in you!  The world may not like it...your family and friends may not like it, but if it is doing what God has called you to do/be, GREAT will be your reward--in this life and the next!

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