Friday, February 8, 2019

Trudging along...?

In a constant line of people...
There are things to be done, duties to perform, tasks to be accomplished.  However, people must come first.

One-by-one they come to me in line.
Pleasantries...and everybody's fine.
They pay me, get their order, then they're gone;
is there any impact I have had upon?
Was their day improved in any way
by what I did or what I had to say?
I am paid to take their money, this I know;
but a higher calling happens as they go.
It is not ME at all, this 'higher calling,'
each of us have something to be installing
into the lives that we face every day--
they must see Jesus as they go their way!

For where we are at any time at all,
we are obliged to live and breathe His Call.
Even just a smile or a wave
may be enough, another life, to save!
So, as you labor, let Him live through you.
It will amaze you all that He can do
just because you yielded to His call.
For such, it is the job of one and all!

How is your day.  Do the immediate "issues" interfere with the list you have to get done.  But what is most important?

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