Friday, February 1, 2019

The Test

The daily test.  No matter who you are, it is a part of life.  Sometimes, it seems more of a test than other days...

"When patience is not present,
I gather in Your grace;
in You, alone, Lord Jesus,
this life am I to face.
Daily situations call
for this man to retreat
unto the refuge that I find,
my Savior, at Your feet.

Too easy is it for the 'old man'
to rise up each day.
The new man You have made me, though,
succeeds a better way.
Your way--it is better, greater
than the ways we've learned;
and so much greater, the reward
that is to be discerned!

When patience is not present,
I know that You are there!
And we can know that You will not
desert us anywhere!
How wonderful--to have Your life
alive so deep within--
present as we life with this life
and deal with fellow men."

Do you need that kind of patience in your life?  It is available as you give your heart to Jesus and follow Holy Spirit's lead.  Each day may be a test, and many are watching to see how you do.  Be successful in Jesus!

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