Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Snow Moon

As I sit down to write at the desk, something catches my eye to the east...

How high the moon upon a night

with winter to converse?
But just upon the rise and full--
what words should I rehearse?
For God Creator gives to me
the verses that would flow,
but this sight--it arrests so briefly
phrases I would know!
The color of it just above
the mountain range afar...
the size of it--it seems to be
so large--a bit bizarre!
The stillness of the evening,
the silence of the 'now...'
combine they to inspire praise
to Him Who seals our vow!

The rising moon, so beautiful;

what wonder to contain!
How poor the one ignoring such
considering it "just plain!"
But glory unto God Most High
Who makes and sets its course!
Splendor, awe and majesty--
He is the very source!

I saw this through my office window last night.  Someone captured it with lens and posted a photo of it today.  The handiwork of God--new every day, and NEVER boring!


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