Friday, February 22, 2019

The Good Inside

Belonging to God.  Oh, the joys of living for Jesus and being available for His use.  To some, that seems so foreign, but I promise you it is so true!

Whatever good there be inside,

it is because of HIM!
The Lord--He makes my countenance
to very rarely dim;
He causes life to flow because
He is the Fountainhead;
I can bless those around me because,
by Him, I am led!

Whatever be praiseworthy--it is
in me from above.
For I be just a yielded
avenue of His great love!
I do what I have seen Him do,
I say what I have heard;
and such would be impossible
without His Daily Word!

Jesus Christ--alive inside,
and flowing where He will!
For I will be that yielded one,
the end of time, until!
He saves me, fills me with His
Holy Spirit everyday
so that I might be a blessing
to them that come my way.

Jesus.  It's all Jesus.  The joy...the smile...the's not me, it is only Jesus alive in me!  Yield yourself to Him.  Give Him your heart and watch the many ways He moves through YOU!

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