Monday, February 4, 2019

The Daily Battle

Daily?  Oh but constant is the fight for your soul.  It has already been settled in God's eyes, but the enemy is going to refuse to give up until God puts an end to him.  Hang in there!

The battle--it is settled, but
the battleground is yet;
WE are the very battlefield
the enemy wants to get!
His tactics--they are endless, oh,
but limits, they are known--
You CAN'T be overtaken when
the Lord calls you His Own!
The tools that WE possess, for they
are greater than the foe's.
God Himself is our Defense,
and the enemy, he knows!
Yet he will still harass and tempt
until the very end;
just cling the more to Jesus Christ,
your very closest Friend!

The battle, it continues,
and vicious be some fronts!
And the attacks, for they will come,
come at us more than once!
BUT CHRIST holds you secure in hand;
trust Him at every turn
and you'll ENJOY eternity,
while the enemy will burn!

Yes, it's a battle.  Everyday life has conflicts.  Even though there are times so glorious and victories so amazing, there is still an enemy that wants you to live otherwise.  When that happens, remind him of his future, and cling to JESUS all the more!

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