Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Awe of His Touch!

The spectacle of that before my eyes!  God alone to create such majesty...even in the rush of every day life!

The mountain range afar is still,
yet very much alive!
As I take in the size of it,
I know much there to thrive!
But one thing is to catch my sight
and fix it without flinch:
a stately eagle soaring--wings
seem not to move an inch!
In his silent flight, I'm caught--
myself to settle so;
its Maker and Caretaker, I
so very closely know!
He is the very One providing
me with peaceful flight;
in spite of all that's going on,
He is my Guiding Light!
For He is God--the very One
that sets that bird aloft!
He catches me with these occasions
o so very oft!
Reminding me, yet once more,
He has all things in His hand
regardless what is happening
in life throughout the land!

What blessed peace have I in knowing
He is in control!
Even of those mighty mountains,
endlessly to roll!
Creator God--creating life
before my very eyes!
May be there such locale as this
for YOU to realize!

Life happens.  Sometimes, life happens at a rate and speed that we don't quite understand.  God created that life, and He never panics.  May each of us take life at such a pace KNOWING that we belong to Him!

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