Sunday, February 3, 2019

That Song Anew!

The spectacle once again...anew!
Spending the afternoon in God's House with His beautiful people, and then exiting into His glorious creation!  Nothing is ever the same...

"Your Word afresh upon my heart
amidst Your peoples' love;
then stepping into Your creation,
(of which there's plenty of!)
Your Day, O Lord, so wonderful,
refreshing and complete!
I treasure each and every time that
gather we to meet!

In the afterglow of meeting
savor I the sight
of rolling hills and valleys in which
I take much delight!
And that mountain peak afar,
majestic and so strong--
so generate within the poet
verses of a song!

The song You--Creator God--
yet every day anew!
For it be churning in the soul
regardless of the view!
Even with the hint of storm
arising far away,
my song shall be unto Your heart,
and joyful be the day!"

Whatever the trial yesterday may have contained, God has given us another opportunity to savor the joy and spectacle of His Presence.  Today...tomorrow...whenever, He makes everything new! 
Enjoy this day that He has created, and don't forget to invite Him to join you!

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