Monday, February 18, 2019

That Glorifying Song!

After the long day...all throughout the long purpose was accomplished, there was/is a certain song inside that nothing of this day could affect.  Do you know what I'm talking about?

To glorify the only One
to Whom the same belongs--
such the desire of this heart,
yea, for the same, it longs!
For Jesus--He is worthy of
all praise and adoration,
all the more must EVERY man
make such a declaration!
For He WILL BE glorified
by willingness or by force!
The latter, it would be a most
unfortunate of course;
but praising Jesus Christ at will
now in the days that are
will guarantee eternity
at His side...not afar!
But praising Him right now to also
savor His great love
and, oh, the boundless benefits,
His kinship be made of!
Joy and peace, grace and healing
just to name a few;
won't you invite Him into your heart
and know His life anew?

Jesus.  Life Himself.  Have you got that life inside of you?  Don't let anything of this world embezzle you out of it!  It's just not worth it!


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