Thursday, February 28, 2019

Technical difficulties

It is wonderful...when it is working correctly!  It can be very frustrating when it is not.
We must not, however, allow the 'speed-bumps' that WILL happen in those cases to consume us.  We can continue on because God is still in control and He still has wonders for us to partake of...

Away from the office for but a few days,

while them that are wiser are working their ways;
out on a back road to briefly escape,
a sight comes to view casing wonder to gape!
Amidst endless miles of land and of peaks,
several bald eagles are scratching their beaks!
It captures the writer and makes him to pause
and give God Creator some silent applause!
I don't clap aloud lest I startle the birds;
to be this close to them is deeper than words!

Away from the office God caused me to come.

He knew that the problems were taking a sum.
He knew this 'distraction' would settle the stress
that comes when 'technology' makes me a mess!
And He knows that I savor the works of His hand,
like those eagles, the mountain and that open land!
I give Him the glory for planning this route,
as I stand here and savor His wonder about!

Problems.  Technological or otherwise, He is fully aware of and has the solution for.  I must only learn to be patient and wait on Him.  For He will ALWAYS come through!


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