Tuesday, February 12, 2019


One more day...another opportunity to live and see life.  Yet, in spite of all that we may have seen or accomplished today, there is yet another desire way down deep...
Where eyes cannot cast sight
there is such great delight!
Life is going on,
and it NEVER will be gone!
Because where no man can see
there is a jubilee
for all that ran the race
possessive of God's grace!

For there is a place so beautiful
that WE just cannot know.
But He has promised we will see it
if, His Grace, we know!
Jesus Christ alone will get us
into that grand Place
if we have Him inside our hearts,
His ways for to embrace!

Oh, but not just for that Place beyond
to Christ do we belong;
we do so of desire and need
for what our soul does long!
And no one else, no other thing
can truly satisfy;
'tis found alone in Jesus Christ--
the Apple of God's eye!

Today was a success.  Does that mean we stop and say "Ok, I did it and I did it well.  I can stop now?"  Of course not!  There SHOULD be a desire to press on doing all that we can for as long as we can until we hear that Trumpet Sound!  THEN we will know TRUE Paradise and prosperity--face-to-face with our sweet Lord Jesus!

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