Friday, February 15, 2019

So much life!

So much life happening...
So much to be concerned about in the days that are.  However, there is also so much to be thankful for and rejoice about.  We only must look, listen and believe...

"O Lord, You give us life each day,
and life all day anew!
For it is up to each of us
to choose what we will do
with OR about the life You give
unto us, each and all;
I choose, Lord, to rejoice in You--
no matter how big or small!
Truly things are happening
to make us NOT rejoice,
but You have settled promises--
therefore, we have a choice
to praise You and press forward, Lord,
as best as we can do
and leave all else that's going on
inside the care of You!

O Lord, thank You so much for life;
and, that, abundant so!
As we press on in You, it is
success that we will know!
You have already settled this
and You retain control;
please help us, Lord, to settle this
inside our heart and soul!"

Blessed be the assurances that we have in and from Jesus.  No man, no thing, no ________ can change this!  Cling to this truth as you press onward, and let nothing stop you from living the victory that He has already provided!

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