Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Cold...foggy...gray...another winter day to endure?  BUT GOD means for us to THRIVE...no matter what kind of day it is!

Colors--they be absent yet
as January ends.
There be assurance, though, as more
variety begins!
Even through the brown and gray
and green and white of life,
there be the view of spectrum that,
in HIS time, will be rife!

Once again, the glory of
creation to amaze
as I converse with The Creator
in the evening haze.
What most would see as just another
vesper without sun,
is really opportunity
to spend with Christ The Son!
And He makes life so colorful
as we're in conversation!
So very fortunate be those
who know of such relation!
Jesus brings variety
to each and every day--
allow Him to be in YOUR heart;
for Christ--He is The Way!

Yes, there is a way to turn a gray, cold afternoon into a memorable occasion: time with Jesus!  No matter what the forecast is, SONshine will always be as you belong to Him!

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