Thursday, February 14, 2019


Ever feel that way?  It's not too hard to with all that is going on in this life and as fast as the world seems to be getting.  However, whatever be happening wherever, we always have a safe and welcome retreat in the arms of Jesus!

There is a sweet security
that this world knows not of,
providing the ability
for us, to rise above;
distress, disaster and disease
are no match for that place--
it is the arms of Jesus Christ
that He avails by grace!

We cannot turn the news on without

seeing the distress,
but we can call His Holy Name
and, surely, He will bless!
It does not mean we will not be
affected by this life,
it means we'll have a Sanctuary
from the pain and strife!

Trust Him for yourself, my friend,

and see what He provides!
Make sure there is a room in your heart
where the Lord abides.
For it will make the trials and strife
that always come and go
to be something you can handle--
with His perfect peace to know!

There is a lot going on in this world, my friend.  Man-made things and natural things.  And not all of them are enjoyable!  Just look around!  But a relationship with Jesus makes it a little easier to live with, and you will have a future that is "out of this world!"


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