Sunday, February 10, 2019

Omniscient One

In spite of all that is going on in all places, each of us are provided a place of peace.  Have you found that place in your life yet?  It doesn't even depend on your location or circumstance, you can savor that calming peace of God...if you want to.

"You see and know all things about this life.
You already have solution to the strife.
You offer it so freely---but we must take;
and oh so very healing is YOUR break!

Oh Father God, You know about all things.

The very best, therefore, Your Spirit brings
unto that place where we decide to yield;
for there, You minister, and we are healed!

Already You have seen the very end.

Already have You chosen us as friend!
But more, You offer us relationship;
I fathom not why some would want to skip!

Already You see ALL of EVERY life,

and You give Yourself as solution to all strife!
I accept You, Lord, with my whole heart,
and I pray, Lord, that ALL others would take part!"

God Knows.  God sees.  God hears.  There is NOTHING that is going on at any time that He is not aware of.  Why would you not want a relationship with Someone like that?!

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