Sunday, February 17, 2019

His "uncommon" ways

God is at work constantly in our lives.  Too often, we do not realize it until days...weeks...months later that it was HIS hand that arranged or provided something.
Are you LOOKING for Him to do something in your life?  Is it something that you can easily do yourself?   The spectacular usually happens in the deeper waters--where man can take no credit for it. 

"You do for us when we don't even ask;
we often take for granted the daily task;
but the "greatest" You set aside, Lord, for Your own,
lest we take credit for the glory known.
Fir I can cause these words to make a rhyme.
I can even give them rhythm and a time.
But it is YOU inserting messages within
that speak to souls and move the hearts of men!
Without You, Lord, these are just a bunch of letters.
YOU give them meaning--releasing men from fetters!
YOU cause joy and encourage through each line.
I but listen and move this pen of mine!

The glory, Lord, it all belongs to You.
For I am but a yielded avenue
for You to use and move and draw and touch.
For choosing me, Lord, I thank You o so much!"

And what about you?  Are you yielding to Him for use wherever you are?  Please do so.  I promise you it will be quite rewarding!  For each of us are called, but not all are willing to listen to His call, go beyond our comfort zones, and do as instructed.  Go out into those deeper waters, and you will see mighty things start to happen!

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