Monday, February 11, 2019

God's Peace

Once again watching the news.  Once again, watching the world have its way.  We are IN this world, but we do not have to be OF this world!  Jesus made sure of that!

So incredible--the peace that God avails!

Whatever is happening, He never fails!
He sees all things before they even begin,
and gives perfect peace for us to enter in!

So incredible--regardless what we see,
or what we hear that is or what may be,
Jesus--He is overseeing all;
make sure your heart says "YES!" unto His call!

So incredible, that lasting peace
that comes as we, our own selves, do release
and give to Him our very heart and soul--
only then will living become whole!

Incredible, the patience of the Lord
as He waits for us, His Blood, to be adored!
Perfect peace to be then all of life,
regardless of the trial or the strife!

Jesus--incredible indeed. Not just for the perfect peace that He provides, but for the life that He puts into each day of this life...and the next!


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