Thursday, February 7, 2019

God is Good...regardless!!

The past 26 hours have been quite a challenge for us...technically.  Not being the most computer savvy guy in the house, I let my wife, our daughter and a wonderful computer geek take care of changing a few things that needed to be taken care of.  In doing so, they were passed to at least four people on the other end of the line before they finally got things fixed straightened out...THIS MORNING!
Hopefully, thanks to my family, you will be receiving this message.

Regardless of the complications,
He is more than 'technology,'
He is completely whole!
These 'things' are merely tools He uses
to carry out His Word;
to say that He 'has need of them'
be statement most absurd!
However, He helps me use it
to glorify His Name;
to spread the Hope He is and,
His great Majesty, proclaim!
And, though not a 'necessity,'
it is tool so grand
to spread His love, peace, hope and joy
but all across the land!

It is said that you seldom miss something until it is not there.  I certainly missed being able to spread the words that He gives me for a few days while email was down!  I certainly pray that you are blessed by those words, as well!

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