Saturday, February 16, 2019


Time with Jesus.  NECESSARY time!  It is something we must DO each day in order to make it THROUGH each day!  Celebrate that time with Him!

The celebration, it continues on!
Enjoyed by those who are already gone
unto that Perfect Place God did prepare--
it is a celebration we will share!
We celebrate Him here until that day
because He is the Truth, the Life, the Way,
and He is Life--eternally adored!
Jesus Christ--our Savior and our Lord!

The celebration, it transcends all life!
It far outweighs all trial and all strife!
It raises us above this life we know,
and causes us, much higher, for to go!
And it is only in Him Who is Love!
So grateful that, His Blood, we are part of!
This life that we know now is oh so small
when looked at through the eyes of His great call!

The celebration.  Do you know of it, friend?
Oh take of it before the time will end!
Know Jesus as the Savior of your soul!
For ONLY THEN will you know life as "whole!"

Yes, there is a celebration in Heaven that will last throughout eternity.  However, there is much to celebrate now if you know Jesus as you Savior.  Sure, there will be trials.  Sure, there will be pain.  But the glories of having Jesus in your life will far outweigh them!  Trust me!

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