Sunday, February 24, 2019

Before the day...

Starting out.
A glorious new morning with beautiful sunshine!  However,

Before the issues raise,

before any chore delays,
before any stresses rise
I look toward the skies!
His worship then begins;
the same--for it will cleanse
and empower for the day
for whatever be in the fray!
God knows.  He knows it all.
He knows what will befall.
He knows what will arise.
For God, He is most-wise!
He has my day arranged.
And He will not be changed!
His favor--it is real,
and grace will He reveal
as I set out in His Name--
His will to be my aim!

But first, before it all,
His holy Name I call
and we discuss the day
as I worship and I pray.
So faithful be my God.
His ways do I applaud
and submit to Him in whole--
the Keeper of my soul!

In all my ways I acknowledge Him, and He directs my path, He gives me favor with those I have contact with, and He rewards me for doing that which I am led to do.  Yes, it IS that simple.  But first, I must lay myself aside and conform to Him.  THAT is the most difficult part for some.

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