Saturday, February 23, 2019


It happened again today.
Every one of us had an opportunity to minister to someone somewhere today.  Did you make the most of yours?

Sitting at a table with
someone I do not know;
wondering which direction will
the conversation go;
knowing, though, that I'm exactly
where I'm supposed to be--
that is the assurance that
my Jesus gives to me!

I am not there to prophesy,
I am not there to preach,
I am, however, there because
I feel that person reach.
There may be somewhere else to sit,
but God said "join that man;"
I do so, and I am amazed
how He unfolds His plan!

He drank his coffee as I had,
so brief, a little bite.
He thanked me as I finished and
I saw his great delight
that someone in a busy place
would wander from the fray
to make someone feel 'un-alone'
somewhere inside his day.

Every one of us are on a schedule.  We are busy and have things that must be done.  However, those 'things' do not take precedence over the Holy Spirit's leading.
Are you flexible enough for God to use you?  He will if you let Him.

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