Thursday, February 28, 2019

Technical difficulties

It is wonderful...when it is working correctly!  It can be very frustrating when it is not.
We must not, however, allow the 'speed-bumps' that WILL happen in those cases to consume us.  We can continue on because God is still in control and He still has wonders for us to partake of...

Away from the office for but a few days,

while them that are wiser are working their ways;
out on a back road to briefly escape,
a sight comes to view casing wonder to gape!
Amidst endless miles of land and of peaks,
several bald eagles are scratching their beaks!
It captures the writer and makes him to pause
and give God Creator some silent applause!
I don't clap aloud lest I startle the birds;
to be this close to them is deeper than words!

Away from the office God caused me to come.

He knew that the problems were taking a sum.
He knew this 'distraction' would settle the stress
that comes when 'technology' makes me a mess!
And He knows that I savor the works of His hand,
like those eagles, the mountain and that open land!
I give Him the glory for planning this route,
as I stand here and savor His wonder about!

Problems.  Technological or otherwise, He is fully aware of and has the solution for.  I must only learn to be patient and wait on Him.  For He will ALWAYS come through!


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Before the day...

Starting out.
A glorious new morning with beautiful sunshine!  However,

Before the issues raise,

before any chore delays,
before any stresses rise
I look toward the skies!
His worship then begins;
the same--for it will cleanse
and empower for the day
for whatever be in the fray!
God knows.  He knows it all.
He knows what will befall.
He knows what will arise.
For God, He is most-wise!
He has my day arranged.
And He will not be changed!
His favor--it is real,
and grace will He reveal
as I set out in His Name--
His will to be my aim!

But first, before it all,
His holy Name I call
and we discuss the day
as I worship and I pray.
So faithful be my God.
His ways do I applaud
and submit to Him in whole--
the Keeper of my soul!

In all my ways I acknowledge Him, and He directs my path, He gives me favor with those I have contact with, and He rewards me for doing that which I am led to do.  Yes, it IS that simple.  But first, I must lay myself aside and conform to Him.  THAT is the most difficult part for some.

Saturday, February 23, 2019


It happened again today.
Every one of us had an opportunity to minister to someone somewhere today.  Did you make the most of yours?

Sitting at a table with
someone I do not know;
wondering which direction will
the conversation go;
knowing, though, that I'm exactly
where I'm supposed to be--
that is the assurance that
my Jesus gives to me!

I am not there to prophesy,
I am not there to preach,
I am, however, there because
I feel that person reach.
There may be somewhere else to sit,
but God said "join that man;"
I do so, and I am amazed
how He unfolds His plan!

He drank his coffee as I had,
so brief, a little bite.
He thanked me as I finished and
I saw his great delight
that someone in a busy place
would wander from the fray
to make someone feel 'un-alone'
somewhere inside his day.

Every one of us are on a schedule.  We are busy and have things that must be done.  However, those 'things' do not take precedence over the Holy Spirit's leading.
Are you flexible enough for God to use you?  He will if you let Him.

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Good Inside

Belonging to God.  Oh, the joys of living for Jesus and being available for His use.  To some, that seems so foreign, but I promise you it is so true!

Whatever good there be inside,

it is because of HIM!
The Lord--He makes my countenance
to very rarely dim;
He causes life to flow because
He is the Fountainhead;
I can bless those around me because,
by Him, I am led!

Whatever be praiseworthy--it is
in me from above.
For I be just a yielded
avenue of His great love!
I do what I have seen Him do,
I say what I have heard;
and such would be impossible
without His Daily Word!

Jesus Christ--alive inside,
and flowing where He will!
For I will be that yielded one,
the end of time, until!
He saves me, fills me with His
Holy Spirit everyday
so that I might be a blessing
to them that come my way.

Jesus.  It's all Jesus.  The joy...the smile...the's not me, it is only Jesus alive in me!  Yield yourself to Him.  Give Him your heart and watch the many ways He moves through YOU!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Snow Moon

As I sit down to write at the desk, something catches my eye to the east...

How high the moon upon a night

with winter to converse?
But just upon the rise and full--
what words should I rehearse?
For God Creator gives to me
the verses that would flow,
but this sight--it arrests so briefly
phrases I would know!
The color of it just above
the mountain range afar...
the size of it--it seems to be
so large--a bit bizarre!
The stillness of the evening,
the silence of the 'now...'
combine they to inspire praise
to Him Who seals our vow!

The rising moon, so beautiful;

what wonder to contain!
How poor the one ignoring such
considering it "just plain!"
But glory unto God Most High
Who makes and sets its course!
Splendor, awe and majesty--
He is the very source!

I saw this through my office window last night.  Someone captured it with lens and posted a photo of it today.  The handiwork of God--new every day, and NEVER boring!


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Word Afresh

A clean sheet of paper.  An opportunity.  What will the words say on it when I am done listening?  Holy Spirit knows!  

"A word afresh would I desire
from You yet once more.
To speak what You want said, oh Lord,
is what I am called for.
I yield as I wait for You
to say what You would say
that would, perhaps, bring hope to someone
that would pass this way.
A word about the love You have
for each and every one...
a word about the miracles
You do and You have done...
a word about the perfect peace
that comes from knowing You...
a word about the healing that
Your Blood has made so true!

A word afresh--I wait, oh Lord;
what is it You will say?
For I avail myself again
on this, a brand new day.
You are so good, You are so faithful
to the seeking heart;
here am I, Your vessel, Lord,
Your glories to impart..."

What is it that YOU need from God right now?  What is it that You are waiting for Jesus to do?  Speak to you?  Heal you?  Answer that prayer?  Meet that need?  DON'T GIVE UP!!  He just answered mine by filling in these lines.  He can do the same for you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

You are more!

You are saved by the Grace of God through Jesus.
You are healed by the power of the shed blood of Jesus alone.
There is a standard of life that we must live, and this world does not understand it.  Are you going to rise to that standard, or merely try to "fit in?"

We are more than what this world can expect;
we may garner fleeting honor and respect,
but that to which we daily must attain--
nowhere in this life, the same, to gain!
For that to which His chosen are so called,
to this world is hated and appalled!
"Integrity" seems so foreign unto some.
To such a call, not many want to come!
BUT GOD, He purposed such for you and I,
yes, even in the moments that are nigh!
For He readily equips us for such call,
and He so avails it unto one and all!

So weary not in doing what is right.
In such, the Lord, He takes such great delight
KNOWING all the challenges we face;
we are so dependent on His perfect grace!

Be long as God is in you!  The world may not like it...your family and friends may not like it, but if it is doing what God has called you to do/be, GREAT will be your reward--in this life and the next!

Monday, February 18, 2019

That Glorifying Song!

After the long day...all throughout the long purpose was accomplished, there was/is a certain song inside that nothing of this day could affect.  Do you know what I'm talking about?

To glorify the only One
to Whom the same belongs--
such the desire of this heart,
yea, for the same, it longs!
For Jesus--He is worthy of
all praise and adoration,
all the more must EVERY man
make such a declaration!
For He WILL BE glorified
by willingness or by force!
The latter, it would be a most
unfortunate of course;
but praising Jesus Christ at will
now in the days that are
will guarantee eternity
at His side...not afar!
But praising Him right now to also
savor His great love
and, oh, the boundless benefits,
His kinship be made of!
Joy and peace, grace and healing
just to name a few;
won't you invite Him into your heart
and know His life anew?

Jesus.  Life Himself.  Have you got that life inside of you?  Don't let anything of this world embezzle you out of it!  It's just not worth it!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

His "uncommon" ways

God is at work constantly in our lives.  Too often, we do not realize it until days...weeks...months later that it was HIS hand that arranged or provided something.
Are you LOOKING for Him to do something in your life?  Is it something that you can easily do yourself?   The spectacular usually happens in the deeper waters--where man can take no credit for it. 

"You do for us when we don't even ask;
we often take for granted the daily task;
but the "greatest" You set aside, Lord, for Your own,
lest we take credit for the glory known.
Fir I can cause these words to make a rhyme.
I can even give them rhythm and a time.
But it is YOU inserting messages within
that speak to souls and move the hearts of men!
Without You, Lord, these are just a bunch of letters.
YOU give them meaning--releasing men from fetters!
YOU cause joy and encourage through each line.
I but listen and move this pen of mine!

The glory, Lord, it all belongs to You.
For I am but a yielded avenue
for You to use and move and draw and touch.
For choosing me, Lord, I thank You o so much!"

And what about you?  Are you yielding to Him for use wherever you are?  Please do so.  I promise you it will be quite rewarding!  For each of us are called, but not all are willing to listen to His call, go beyond our comfort zones, and do as instructed.  Go out into those deeper waters, and you will see mighty things start to happen!

Saturday, February 16, 2019


Time with Jesus.  NECESSARY time!  It is something we must DO each day in order to make it THROUGH each day!  Celebrate that time with Him!

The celebration, it continues on!
Enjoyed by those who are already gone
unto that Perfect Place God did prepare--
it is a celebration we will share!
We celebrate Him here until that day
because He is the Truth, the Life, the Way,
and He is Life--eternally adored!
Jesus Christ--our Savior and our Lord!

The celebration, it transcends all life!
It far outweighs all trial and all strife!
It raises us above this life we know,
and causes us, much higher, for to go!
And it is only in Him Who is Love!
So grateful that, His Blood, we are part of!
This life that we know now is oh so small
when looked at through the eyes of His great call!

The celebration.  Do you know of it, friend?
Oh take of it before the time will end!
Know Jesus as the Savior of your soul!
For ONLY THEN will you know life as "whole!"

Yes, there is a celebration in Heaven that will last throughout eternity.  However, there is much to celebrate now if you know Jesus as you Savior.  Sure, there will be trials.  Sure, there will be pain.  But the glories of having Jesus in your life will far outweigh them!  Trust me!

Friday, February 15, 2019

So much life!

So much life happening...
So much to be concerned about in the days that are.  However, there is also so much to be thankful for and rejoice about.  We only must look, listen and believe...

"O Lord, You give us life each day,
and life all day anew!
For it is up to each of us
to choose what we will do
with OR about the life You give
unto us, each and all;
I choose, Lord, to rejoice in You--
no matter how big or small!
Truly things are happening
to make us NOT rejoice,
but You have settled promises--
therefore, we have a choice
to praise You and press forward, Lord,
as best as we can do
and leave all else that's going on
inside the care of You!

O Lord, thank You so much for life;
and, that, abundant so!
As we press on in You, it is
success that we will know!
You have already settled this
and You retain control;
please help us, Lord, to settle this
inside our heart and soul!"

Blessed be the assurances that we have in and from Jesus.  No man, no thing, no ________ can change this!  Cling to this truth as you press onward, and let nothing stop you from living the victory that He has already provided!

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Ever feel that way?  It's not too hard to with all that is going on in this life and as fast as the world seems to be getting.  However, whatever be happening wherever, we always have a safe and welcome retreat in the arms of Jesus!

There is a sweet security
that this world knows not of,
providing the ability
for us, to rise above;
distress, disaster and disease
are no match for that place--
it is the arms of Jesus Christ
that He avails by grace!

We cannot turn the news on without

seeing the distress,
but we can call His Holy Name
and, surely, He will bless!
It does not mean we will not be
affected by this life,
it means we'll have a Sanctuary
from the pain and strife!

Trust Him for yourself, my friend,

and see what He provides!
Make sure there is a room in your heart
where the Lord abides.
For it will make the trials and strife
that always come and go
to be something you can handle--
with His perfect peace to know!

There is a lot going on in this world, my friend.  Man-made things and natural things.  And not all of them are enjoyable!  Just look around!  But a relationship with Jesus makes it a little easier to live with, and you will have a future that is "out of this world!"


Tuesday, February 12, 2019


One more day...another opportunity to live and see life.  Yet, in spite of all that we may have seen or accomplished today, there is yet another desire way down deep...
Where eyes cannot cast sight
there is such great delight!
Life is going on,
and it NEVER will be gone!
Because where no man can see
there is a jubilee
for all that ran the race
possessive of God's grace!

For there is a place so beautiful
that WE just cannot know.
But He has promised we will see it
if, His Grace, we know!
Jesus Christ alone will get us
into that grand Place
if we have Him inside our hearts,
His ways for to embrace!

Oh, but not just for that Place beyond
to Christ do we belong;
we do so of desire and need
for what our soul does long!
And no one else, no other thing
can truly satisfy;
'tis found alone in Jesus Christ--
the Apple of God's eye!

Today was a success.  Does that mean we stop and say "Ok, I did it and I did it well.  I can stop now?"  Of course not!  There SHOULD be a desire to press on doing all that we can for as long as we can until we hear that Trumpet Sound!  THEN we will know TRUE Paradise and prosperity--face-to-face with our sweet Lord Jesus!

Monday, February 11, 2019

God's Peace

Once again watching the news.  Once again, watching the world have its way.  We are IN this world, but we do not have to be OF this world!  Jesus made sure of that!

So incredible--the peace that God avails!

Whatever is happening, He never fails!
He sees all things before they even begin,
and gives perfect peace for us to enter in!

So incredible--regardless what we see,
or what we hear that is or what may be,
Jesus--He is overseeing all;
make sure your heart says "YES!" unto His call!

So incredible, that lasting peace
that comes as we, our own selves, do release
and give to Him our very heart and soul--
only then will living become whole!

Incredible, the patience of the Lord
as He waits for us, His Blood, to be adored!
Perfect peace to be then all of life,
regardless of the trial or the strife!

Jesus--incredible indeed. Not just for the perfect peace that He provides, but for the life that He puts into each day of this life...and the next!


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Omniscient One

In spite of all that is going on in all places, each of us are provided a place of peace.  Have you found that place in your life yet?  It doesn't even depend on your location or circumstance, you can savor that calming peace of God...if you want to.

"You see and know all things about this life.
You already have solution to the strife.
You offer it so freely---but we must take;
and oh so very healing is YOUR break!

Oh Father God, You know about all things.

The very best, therefore, Your Spirit brings
unto that place where we decide to yield;
for there, You minister, and we are healed!

Already You have seen the very end.

Already have You chosen us as friend!
But more, You offer us relationship;
I fathom not why some would want to skip!

Already You see ALL of EVERY life,

and You give Yourself as solution to all strife!
I accept You, Lord, with my whole heart,
and I pray, Lord, that ALL others would take part!"

God Knows.  God sees.  God hears.  There is NOTHING that is going on at any time that He is not aware of.  Why would you not want a relationship with Someone like that?!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Trudging along...?

In a constant line of people...
There are things to be done, duties to perform, tasks to be accomplished.  However, people must come first.

One-by-one they come to me in line.
Pleasantries...and everybody's fine.
They pay me, get their order, then they're gone;
is there any impact I have had upon?
Was their day improved in any way
by what I did or what I had to say?
I am paid to take their money, this I know;
but a higher calling happens as they go.
It is not ME at all, this 'higher calling,'
each of us have something to be installing
into the lives that we face every day--
they must see Jesus as they go their way!

For where we are at any time at all,
we are obliged to live and breathe His Call.
Even just a smile or a wave
may be enough, another life, to save!
So, as you labor, let Him live through you.
It will amaze you all that He can do
just because you yielded to His call.
For such, it is the job of one and all!

How is your day.  Do the immediate "issues" interfere with the list you have to get done.  But what is most important?

Thursday, February 7, 2019

God is Good...regardless!!

The past 26 hours have been quite a challenge for us...technically.  Not being the most computer savvy guy in the house, I let my wife, our daughter and a wonderful computer geek take care of changing a few things that needed to be taken care of.  In doing so, they were passed to at least four people on the other end of the line before they finally got things fixed straightened out...THIS MORNING!
Hopefully, thanks to my family, you will be receiving this message.

Regardless of the complications,
He is more than 'technology,'
He is completely whole!
These 'things' are merely tools He uses
to carry out His Word;
to say that He 'has need of them'
be statement most absurd!
However, He helps me use it
to glorify His Name;
to spread the Hope He is and,
His great Majesty, proclaim!
And, though not a 'necessity,'
it is tool so grand
to spread His love, peace, hope and joy
but all across the land!

It is said that you seldom miss something until it is not there.  I certainly missed being able to spread the words that He gives me for a few days while email was down!  I certainly pray that you are blessed by those words, as well!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Cold...foggy...gray...another winter day to endure?  BUT GOD means for us to matter what kind of day it is!

Colors--they be absent yet
as January ends.
There be assurance, though, as more
variety begins!
Even through the brown and gray
and green and white of life,
there be the view of spectrum that,
in HIS time, will be rife!

Once again, the glory of
creation to amaze
as I converse with The Creator
in the evening haze.
What most would see as just another
vesper without sun,
is really opportunity
to spend with Christ The Son!
And He makes life so colorful
as we're in conversation!
So very fortunate be those
who know of such relation!
Jesus brings variety
to each and every day--
allow Him to be in YOUR heart;
for Christ--He is The Way!

Yes, there is a way to turn a gray, cold afternoon into a memorable occasion: time with Jesus!  No matter what the forecast is, SONshine will always be as you belong to Him!

Monday, February 4, 2019

The Daily Battle

Daily?  Oh but constant is the fight for your soul.  It has already been settled in God's eyes, but the enemy is going to refuse to give up until God puts an end to him.  Hang in there!

The battle--it is settled, but
the battleground is yet;
WE are the very battlefield
the enemy wants to get!
His tactics--they are endless, oh,
but limits, they are known--
You CAN'T be overtaken when
the Lord calls you His Own!
The tools that WE possess, for they
are greater than the foe's.
God Himself is our Defense,
and the enemy, he knows!
Yet he will still harass and tempt
until the very end;
just cling the more to Jesus Christ,
your very closest Friend!

The battle, it continues,
and vicious be some fronts!
And the attacks, for they will come,
come at us more than once!
BUT CHRIST holds you secure in hand;
trust Him at every turn
and you'll ENJOY eternity,
while the enemy will burn!

Yes, it's a battle.  Everyday life has conflicts.  Even though there are times so glorious and victories so amazing, there is still an enemy that wants you to live otherwise.  When that happens, remind him of his future, and cling to JESUS all the more!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

That Song Anew!

The spectacle once again...anew!
Spending the afternoon in God's House with His beautiful people, and then exiting into His glorious creation!  Nothing is ever the same...

"Your Word afresh upon my heart
amidst Your peoples' love;
then stepping into Your creation,
(of which there's plenty of!)
Your Day, O Lord, so wonderful,
refreshing and complete!
I treasure each and every time that
gather we to meet!

In the afterglow of meeting
savor I the sight
of rolling hills and valleys in which
I take much delight!
And that mountain peak afar,
majestic and so strong--
so generate within the poet
verses of a song!

The song You--Creator God--
yet every day anew!
For it be churning in the soul
regardless of the view!
Even with the hint of storm
arising far away,
my song shall be unto Your heart,
and joyful be the day!"

Whatever the trial yesterday may have contained, God has given us another opportunity to savor the joy and spectacle of His Presence.  Today...tomorrow...whenever, He makes everything new! 
Enjoy this day that He has created, and don't forget to invite Him to join you!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Awe of His Touch!

The spectacle of that before my eyes!  God alone to create such majesty...even in the rush of every day life!

The mountain range afar is still,
yet very much alive!
As I take in the size of it,
I know much there to thrive!
But one thing is to catch my sight
and fix it without flinch:
a stately eagle soaring--wings
seem not to move an inch!
In his silent flight, I'm caught--
myself to settle so;
its Maker and Caretaker, I
so very closely know!
He is the very One providing
me with peaceful flight;
in spite of all that's going on,
He is my Guiding Light!
For He is God--the very One
that sets that bird aloft!
He catches me with these occasions
o so very oft!
Reminding me, yet once more,
He has all things in His hand
regardless what is happening
in life throughout the land!

What blessed peace have I in knowing
He is in control!
Even of those mighty mountains,
endlessly to roll!
Creator God--creating life
before my very eyes!
May be there such locale as this
for YOU to realize!

Life happens.  Sometimes, life happens at a rate and speed that we don't quite understand.  God created that life, and He never panics.  May each of us take life at such a pace KNOWING that we belong to Him!

Friday, February 1, 2019

The Test

The daily test.  No matter who you are, it is a part of life.  Sometimes, it seems more of a test than other days...

"When patience is not present,
I gather in Your grace;
in You, alone, Lord Jesus,
this life am I to face.
Daily situations call
for this man to retreat
unto the refuge that I find,
my Savior, at Your feet.

Too easy is it for the 'old man'
to rise up each day.
The new man You have made me, though,
succeeds a better way.
Your way--it is better, greater
than the ways we've learned;
and so much greater, the reward
that is to be discerned!

When patience is not present,
I know that You are there!
And we can know that You will not
desert us anywhere!
How wonderful--to have Your life
alive so deep within--
present as we life with this life
and deal with fellow men."

Do you need that kind of patience in your life?  It is available as you give your heart to Jesus and follow Holy Spirit's lead.  Each day may be a test, and many are watching to see how you do.  Be successful in Jesus!