Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Were you there?

Once again, a thousand things to get accomplished today.  Looking back, was there time allowed for those "Divine Appointments?"

"You came to me for a purpose--

did I make for you the time?
If I won't hear what you have to say
I've committed a great crime!
I know you have something on your heart
and no one else may care,
but I must listen as a calling
to the words that you must bare."

No one is immune from when
one must unload their heart.
As servants of the Most High God
we must allow them start.
That makes us not a "dumping ground"
for all that comes along,
it makes us but His avenue
to help them find their song.

So be there for HIS purpose!
Avail to Him your heart.
The gift of His encouragement
to you will He impart
that YOU may be that avenue
that leads them to the Lord!
It starts with but an ear that listens
and has time to afford.

The busier the days get...the "hurrieder" this world gets...the more involved people get into themselves, the less time they have for one another.  BUT GOD has called us to a higher purpose, and His pace of life is far and above what this world's is!  Are YOU there for Him?

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