Monday, January 14, 2019

Value and worth

Those are two things that a lot of people struggle with.  Perhaps even you do.  You can know with certainty your worth to God the Father, and freely share it with others.  It is found in Jesus Christ alone!

The value of a single person--
who could know such worth?
With as many past and present
here upon this earth,
it is so very simple to
lose sight of such a gem;
but all will come to focus just
by touching but His hem!

The value of a single person-
is the very same
in the eyes of Father God,
praise His holy Name!
Value each and every one
that you have in your life;
for each of them, they need to know
His blessings, o so rife!

The value of a person--some
will look to YOU for such.
At that moment, will they feel 
a loving Father's touch?
It is our duty and our calling
to instill the same
into the life of every life
in JESUS' holy Name!

No matter who you are or where you are, there are folks about you that wonder about their worth.  God has made certain to you your worth by sending His Son Jesus.  Why not share that certainty with them?  They are starving for it!

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