Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Time is short!

Yes, I know, we've been hearing that for years.  But God's time is far greater than we can fathom, and He always keeps His word!  Are YOU ready?

"The time is fast approaching..."
Oh, but celebrate Him now!
Any moment of the day
affirm to Him your vow!
We celebrate his birth because
He's worthy of it all;
He celebrates our lives by yet
availing His great Call!

Respond ye to that call, I say,
for it is life alive!
O house Him deep inside Your heart
and, surely, you'll arrive!
But such assurance is one only
facet of His grace!
He will also give you life
here in this dying place!

Yes, the time is fast approaching
at a rate one cannot know!
Jesus in your heart and life--
He'll bless you and you'll grow!
Serve Him as a Friend and Savior,
form that sacred bond,
and, quickly, of Him and His ways,
you'll grow so very fond!

Jesus Christ is coming again.  Quickly!  No man knows the exact hour, but you can be CERTAIN that He will change your life for the better if you give to Him your heart!  BE BORN AGAIN!!

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