Sunday, January 6, 2019

The sting of Honesty

So often, too often, in our world today so many avoid honesty to spare feelings, reactions or results.  Have you noticed that, not only is Honesty is required by God, it is often painful!  What do we do...

Honesty is painful--do I

spare them of the pain?
Sometimes, the very same is brutal;
what then to be the gain?
A fine line to determine between
choice that comes with truth:
reflect upon the elderly...
reflect upon the youth.

Much wisdom and discretion needed,
maturity also;
and His Spirit's guidance that
we know which way to go!
One may not be mature enough
for what I tell another;
so necessary then be Him
Who's closer than a brother!
And God--the most wise of them all
will guide the heart and tongue
when conversation happens, so that
nobody be stung!
If we cede every thought and word
unto His perfect guiding,
He'll see that no uncalled for pain,
in word or deed, be hiding.

We are all involved in this marvelous thing called "Life" everyday.  Too, we are all involved in relationships.  Let us pray and be constantly open to Holy Spirit so that we can freely converse with each other without any damage.  Pain WILL happen sometimes, but it does not have to be permanent or fatal.

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