Saturday, January 5, 2019

That precious voice!

God is so good to us!  He puts special people into our lives who use their own lives and time for His purposes.  They are wonderful to have, and so wonderful to hear from...

The ringing of the telephone...
the hearing of a voice--
with one so very close to heart
it's reason to rejoice!
So very soothing be the sound,
so healing be the same;
it raises gratitude to God
that, into your life, they came!

Each of us have those we love
to hear from every day;
though life itself to often cause us
to be far away,
technology has ways to make
that distance disappear--
making ways for us to be
together, o so near!

So very grateful for the hearts
desiring our own!
Thanks be to God that wonderful
relationships are grown!
We must have vulnerability
for the same to be;
such is what our Father God
has meant for such as we!

If you have those kind of folks in your life, pray for them!  Thank God for them daily and KNOW how blessed you really are!

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