Friday, January 4, 2019

That Grateful Song!

The day came and went.  Including an event that we knew would be quite challenging.  BUT GOD, He had already met the need and was right by our side every moment escorting us!

A song be yet again to rise,
that song from deep inside;
a melody so known to them
with Jesus at their side!
A song of His provision in
but every situation;
again to rise?  But CONSTANT unto
them that have relation!
He gives, no matter what we need,
He gives, and so complete;
and the time, it matters not,
His bounty is replete!
And even when the words may lack
for what our need may be,
He is Omniscient, there is nothing
that He cannot see!
I sing that song aloud to Him
so that all hearts may know
and realize, for ANYTHING,
unto God they may go!
Have you a need that's churning deep
and cannot talk about?
Just call on Jesus, my good friend

and, freely, let it out!

Don't let ANYTHING hold you back when asking the Lord for something.  Nothing is too big for Him.  Nothing is too small for Him.  And nothing is "insignificant" in His eyes.  He WILL listen and provide!  Jesus is so faithful!

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