Thursday, January 17, 2019


The voice of God is real.
The Presence of God is real.
The hand of God is real.
The leading of God is real.

"You have the very universes

perfectly designed...
You have each moment of each life
perfectly assigned...
You have what's best for each of us,
and ready to be shared--
will we submit our will to You
that we can be prepared?
All we must do is call upon You,
asking what is next.
To some, the fact You have a Plan
has got them quite perplexed!
All we must do is follow as
You lead us through each day
recognizing You're the Life,
the Truth, the only Way!"

Yes, GOD IS REAL.  We know that to be true.  Question is, will you listen, heed and do what He is calling you to do?  Yes, he has a purpose for each of us!

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